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• Ellie-Bo's Double Door Dog Crate is the ideal blend of style and practicality. It is vital to select a crate that fits your dog's size. We have cages in all sizes and won't take up too much space. • Easy to Clean and Transport: This dog crate is easy to clean, and the entire dog cage is detachable and can be disassembled without the use of any tools. It can also be folded flat, which is a very useful feature when taking it out of the house. • Safe Double-Door Dog Crate: Each dog cage has two dog access points. The entrances also have sliding heavy-duty latches, so you don't have to worry about it being opened in unexpected situations. • Ideal Dog Crate for Training: A metal chew-proof tray and training guide are included to provide a safe companion for daily training. During pet training, the crate can keep your pet safe while providing a comfortable space for dogs and their owners. • Stylish Puppy Crate and Dog Crate: Not a fan of the standard dog crate aesthetic? Ellie-Bo's two-door crate has a stylish home-style cover and pad that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home's decor.


• Sturdy Construction:

The Ellie-Bo Dog Crate is made from durable metal, providing a sturdy and secure enclosure for your dog.

• Two-Door Design:

The crate features a two-door design, offering easy access for both you and your dog, and providing versatility in placement within your home.

• Slide-Out Tray:

The slide-out tray at the bottom of the crate makes cleaning up accidents or messes quick and hassle-free.

• Folding Mechanism:

The crate is easy to fold and store when not in use, making it convenient for travel or compact storage.

• Comfortable for Dogs:

Many dogs find the Ellie-Bo Dog Crate comfortable and feel safe and secure while inside.


• Noisy Latch:

Some users have reported that the crate's latch can be noisy, which might startle sensitive dogs, especially during crate training.

• Limited Size Options:

The available size options may not cater to very large dog breeds, potentially limiting choices for owners of giant or extra-large dogs.

• Sharp Edges:

A few users have noted that certain parts of the crate may have sharp edges or burrs, which could be a safety concern for dogs that may be prone to chewing.

• No Divider Included:

The crate may not come with a divider, which could be useful for crate training puppies or for adapting the crate size as your dog grows.

5 Star Reviews

"Needed new crate as puppy (Vizsla) was growing so initially got the 36inch as this was the biggest one that would fit in the car and was perfect. Easy to put up and close down and even could be moved around without closing (from house to car).Eventually decided needed a bigger crate for the house, so now keep the 36inch in the car (permanently) and got the 42inch for the house, this is still easy to put up and down (although not as easy) and definitely not something to move in and our of the house/car without closing.Although our puppy is not a chewer these crates do seem very substantial and have made life much easier and honestly she has no problem going into them and sometimes even goes in it on her own to have a break."

"We had a medium sized one (female cocker now using) but purchased a large as our chunky taller male cocker kept banging his head on the medium crate. He now goes in after walks, during evening meal prep and meal and then overnight. Would definitely recommend crates and crate training as he now sleeps better and not grumpy in the evening anymore."

"Have it at home and in motorhome, easy to collapse and move. Sturdy so can store stuff on top too."

"Exactly as described and fits her bed and toys inside."

"Leave both doors open and leave treats inside to build pups confidence for going in and out if you want to prevent constant crying. Well worth the money for small to medium sized dog/pup."

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