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Motivate Natural Foraging Skills: It is a unique snuffle mat for dogs that allows your dog to find treats or dry foods hidden Inside the snuffle mat. It can also be used as a Slow Feeder to help to train dog's sense of smell, consume dog's energy and lose weight in a healthy activity. Keep your dog occupied and avoid dog engaging in destructive behaviour. Dual-use Design: The sniff mat can be shrunk into a bowl. Dogs will like it more than ordinary food bowls! Because it's really full of the green tufts so there's plenty of places to hide a big handful of food. You can put anything in the dog feeding mat. Lay it flat on the ground as a sniffing exercise for puppy or large dog to forage the food. Effectively perform some mental exercises, relieve boredom and provide stimulation at the same time. Durable and Easy to Clean: The fabric of the sniffing mat for dogs is felt, which is Dirt-Resistant, easy to clean and supports machine washing. We all know that dogs love to chew on things, but with our dog feeding mats anti-tearing feature, your Pet puppy will have a satisfactory Chewing Session with the dog feeding toys. It is machine washable and dryer safe. Non-slip & Portable: The bottom is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the dog snuffle mat and prevents the dog from moving the mat. can be shrunk into a Dog Bowl Mat by draw string. It can also be hung or set aside when not in use. Suitable for outdoor activity toys and also be used as a brain games for dogs at home. QUALITY ASSURANCE: Your satisfaction is our greatest happy. If you have any questions about the snuffle mat for dog, please contact us in time, we will try our best to help you solve.【Please use the dog feeding mat under the supervision of the pet owner.】


• Mental Stimulation:

The AWOOF Snuffle Mat provides excellent mental stimulation for dogs, engaging their sense of smell and natural foraging instincts.

• Slow Feeding:

This mat can be used as a slow feeder, helping to prevent rapid eating and aiding digestion for dogs prone to gulping their food.

• Interactive Play:

Dogs enjoy the interactive playtime while searching for treats or kibble hidden within the mat, making it an enjoyable and engaging activity.

• Durable Material:

The AWOOF Snuffle Mat is typically made from high-quality and durable fabric, designed to withstand rough play and regular use.

• Easy to Clean:

Many snuffle mats are machine-washable, making it convenient to keep the mat clean and free from dirt and food residue.


• Limited Size Options:

Some snuffle mats may come in limited size options, and larger dogs may find smaller mats less challenging.

• Treats May Fall Out:

For particularly enthusiastic dogs, treats might fall out easily, leading to less prolonged playtime.

• Not Suitable for All Dogs:

While most dogs enjoy snuffle mats, some may not be interested or may become frustrated if they are not familiar with the concept of using their nose to find treats.

• Potential Overeating:

If not monitored, some dogs may overeat during playtime, especially if they are highly food-motivated.

• Initial Training Required:

Some dogs may need training and encouragement to understand how to use the snuffle mat effectively, which might take some time and patience from the owner.

5 Star Reviews

"I bought this as a Christmas present for my bun bun and he loves it. I will scatter his pellets or treats amongst the fibres so that he can have the enrichment of foraging his food."

"Use this to feed her evening meal, slowed her down eating and she seems to enjoy foraging in it. Only downside is that she keeps going for the drawstring but still 5 stars as it does the job well."

"The minute he sees me pick it up and take it to the kitchen he gets super excited!"

"Great toy - really makes puppy sniff and work for his treats. He's learnt to use his paws to open the drawn bag, as well as sniff out and locate the treats."

"This is a really nicely made snuffle mat. It has a drawstring around the edge, meaning it can be used wide open, which makes it bigger than a dinner plate, or smaller and deeper. It's made with felt 'grass' which has stood up to a surprising amount of abuse from my sharp clawed furry little monsters. It looks like it will last, although I've not tried washing it yet. Both my cats enjoy this, we play with it every night as part of our going to bed routine."

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