Welcome to WalkQuays!

Fraser, the founder of this dog website that promotes force-free positive reinforcement training methods and products. Fraser's passion for dogs began at an early age, growing up with Golden Retrievers as his parents bred them. In 2018, Fraser founded WalkQuays, which initially offered walking and sitting services for dogs.

However, when the pandemic hit, and more people started working from home, Fraser shifted his focus to dog training. As he witnessed many outdated and aversive training methods being used on TV and online, he became increasingly disillusioned. It was then that he decided to create a website dedicated to promoting force-free positive reinforcement training methods and products along with other informative content to help dog owners.

Fraser understands the importance of building strong relationships between dogs and their owners through effective training. That's why WalkQuays offers a wide range of dog training advice that cater to dogs of all ages and breeds along with lots of other helpful informative material. Fraser's approach is to use only force-free positive reinforcement methods and products, ensuring that dogs feel comfortable, happy, and safe. The Dog's wellbeing always comes first!

So whether you're a new dog owner, a seasoned dog owner, or a fellow dog professional seeking guidance and support, WalkQuays is the perfect place for you.