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•【Scientific Training Methods.】The training clicker will have the clear sound after pressing the button easily. Big button for easy clicking and loud sound. Rake training method is now more and more popular, and many people call the "happy training method", do not need to beat, do not need to force, you can learn a short time for your dog you want him to learn a variety of small tricks, and easy to forget. •【Simple & Safety.】Unlike the expensive electric shock dog products, our products do not contain electricity, will not give the dog and the owner of the electric shock. The shape of the water droplets in the hands of the very comfortable, the sound stable, easy to identify the button, stainless steel shrapnel by 10,000 times the pressure is not deformed, durable, not rust. •【 Advantages of Collocation】4 different colors on package (black & yellow &red & blue) with free gift storage bag (10*16cm) to be convenient to carry and store. You can place it in car, bag and pocket to obtain it easily when you need to train your pets. •【Comfortable design.】The material of ABS plastic + stainless steel ring piece won't rust and durable, Matte surface and Anti-skid handling are easy to hold. 6 * 4 * 2 size, water droplets shape, suitable for any size of the palm and easy to control. Elastic wrist strap, so you will not fall in the training, can carry it. •【Wide Use.】The clicker can not only train dogs, but also training cats, birds, chickens, sheep and even mice. Is your essential sensitive pet training tool. You will have a happy and trusting communication tool with your pet.


• Effective Training Tool:

The Diyife Dog Clicker is an effective training tool that helps communicate with your dog and reinforce positive behaviour.

• Clear and Distinct Sound:

The clicker produces a clear and distinct sound that is easily recognisable by your dog, making it a reliable communication tool during training sessions.

• Comfortable Design:

The clicker's ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand, allowing for extended use without discomfort.

• Wrist Strap:

The included wrist strap ensures that the clicker is always within reach, making it convenient during training sessions or outdoor activities.

• Versatile:

The Diyife Dog Clicker can be used for various training purposes, such as teaching new commands, tricks, or behavior modification.


• Loud Sound:

Some dogs may be sensitive to loud or sharp sounds, and the clicker's noise might startle or frighten them during training.

• Clicker-Dependent Behaviour:

Over time, some dogs may become reliant on the clicker's sound for commands, potentially leading to a delay in responding without it.

• Limited for Certain Behaviours:

While the clicker is excellent for positive reinforcement, it may not be as effective for stopping unwanted behaviours or correcting severe behavioural issues.

• Small Size:

The small size of the Diyife Dog Clicker might be easy to misplace or may not be ideal for those with larger hands.

• Not Suitable for Noise-Averse Environments:

In quiet or noise-sensitive environments, the clicker's sound may be disruptive or unwanted.

5 Star Reviews

"Cheap and cheerful do the job I find sometimes works better than the whistle job done."

"Brought these to try and help train the kitten as need for therapy. other cats are older. As soon as i click it the kitten comes running for a treat and now starting to try and train to sit. Even my dog has caught on and comes up for a treat too."

"Good quality product and fast delivery service."

"Works well and great value for money."

"Great little clickers. I particularly like that they have clips as I can easily attach it to my dog walking bag. Doesn't have a nasty click sound like you get with other clickers."

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