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• Egg box provides even support and relieves joint pressure and pain. • Composite fabric dog sofa with soft flannel/plush improves scratch resistance. • Large orthopaedic dog mattress provides optimal support and safety for the dog and his head. • L-shaped dog bed zip is removable and there is no pressure on assembly. The non-slip bottom with rubber dots remains stable. • Inner lining for the foam is waterproof. Do not clean the foam, machine washable cover in cold water with a pet friendly detergent.


• Ample Space:

The Bedsure Large Dog Bed Sofa offers plenty of space for larger dogs to stretch out comfortably and find their perfect sleeping position.

• Supportive Design:

The raised edges and bolstered sides provide additional support and a sense of security, creating a cozy and safe environment for your dog.

• Soft and Plush Material:

The bed's soft and plush material provides a comfortable and inviting surface for your dog to rest and relax.

• Durable Construction:

The bed is made with durable materials, ensuring it can withstand regular use and last for an extended period.

• Easy-to-Clean Cover:

The removable and machine-washable cover makes it convenient to keep the bed clean and fresh.


• May Not Fit in All Spaces:

The large size of the dog bed sofa may not be suitable for smaller living spaces or apartments with limited floor space.

• Potential for Flat Spots:

Over time, some users have noted that the bed may develop flat spots, especially with heavier or more frequent use.

• Not Chew-Proof:

While the bed is durable, it may not be entirely chew-proof, and some dogs may attempt to chew on the edges or cover.

• Limited Colour Options:

The bed may have limited colour options, which might not match all interior design preferences.

• Odour Retention:

Some users have mentioned that the bed may retain odours over time, requiring more frequent cleaning to keep it fresh.

5 Star Reviews

"It’s always a bit of chance buying this type of product but our medium size lurched loves it. We bought a large so she can spread out in the warmer months and are really happy with it. Easy to clean. Good price. All round a good purchase."

"Our dog is a 13 year old Tripaw with lots of aches and pains. Up until now he never really slept in a dogs bed as human settees were more comfortable and he could rest his back. Not anymore. He loves his new bed. The edges serve as a pillow and the back rest works perfectly."

"Well packed & good quality bed Plenty of room for my 2 small dogs to Share . Clear instructions of care enclosed in packaging I recommend this item."

"Super quality bed for Labrador. Arrived on time and priced good. Highly recommend."

"Very study & comfy bed, I've also machine washed it and it didn't ruin the shape. My Jack Russell loves it."

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