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✔ SECURE METAL CLIPS/ BUCKLES - Most harnesses use plastic buckles which are super stiff and easily snap or break. Ours on the other hand only has high-quality metal clips that are sleek, extremely durable and can be fastened and unfastened, effortlessly. We’ve even included a quick release buckle over the neck area so you don’t have to pull the harness over your dogs head. Great for nervous pets. We truly believe this is the best on the market and a must-have pet essential! ✔ STRONG AND MADE TO LAST - We’ve made sure this luxury harness is of decent thickness and only included metal accessories, to make it extremely robust. Although not quite as lightweight as other flimsy harnesses, it remains very comfortable to wear. Our Nala is still able to run around with ease and greet passing pooches! She also looks very stylish, if we do say so ourselves! ✔ COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE - We recognise that some harnesses can rub and irritate your dogs back/ chest, so we have incorporated a soft, polyester mesh pad that enhances comfort. We offer a range of adjustable Y-shaped harness sizes to fit young puppies to x small, small, medium, large, extra-large (XL) and XXL adult dogs. Great for all breeds, including Jack Russels, Cocker Spaniels, Cockerpoos, French bulldogs, German shepherds, Labradors and many, many more! ✔ REFLECTIVE MATERIALS FOR ENHANCED NOCTURNAL VISIBILITY - We understand that night time visibility is important, so we have included a large amount of reflective stitching and piping to help keep your dog safe at night. It also looks very classy and a great gift/ present idea- ideal for Christmas, Birthday’s, new dog owners, professional walkers or other special occasions! A must-have item! ✔ FRONT AND BACK LEAD ATTACHMENTS - Our front and back D rings give you the flexibility to choose where to attach your lead. We make no guarantees like other companies do that attaching your leash to the front ring will stop pulling (we are dog owners so are realistic…), but it can certainly be helpful for some! The sturdy grab handle on top of each harness also provides additional control and is great for training- from puppy to beyond!


Why is our harness so much better than others?

Super sturdy - the thickness of this harness has been enhanced to help keep its shape and withstand significant pulling!

Strong metal buckles - we've done away with flimsy plastic clips and replaced them with strong metal ones that clip & unclip, effortlessly!

Quick-release neck clip - gives you the option of not having to pull the harness over your pups head!

Amazingly reflective - it‘s incredible just how much light it reflects. It is covered in reflective piping and straps to enhance night time visibility!

A better fit that lots of other harnesses - ours are very adjustable & each size has a sensible chest length to ensure comfort.

Unlikely to rip/ much longer lasting than other harnesses because of its high quality stitching and durability, therefore a great investment.

Great gift idea because of how premium and luxurious it is! Other harnesses can feel and look cheap, whereas ours doesn’t!


5 Star Reviews

'Excellent value and really strong. My dog at 11 has never warn a harness before but he took to it straight away. Easily adjustable, easy to put on and he looks comfortable in it. It has stopped him pulling so much.'

'Great quality and design. Had couple of similar type idea of harness for our dog growing up but this is so much better design for easily adjustable fit and putting on and taking off our dog'

'I was unsure about ordering this online. Once it arrived I was happy with it. Easy to adjust and feels strong and comfortable. Excellent buy'

'Really pleased with my purchase. Excellent quality. Very happy little 🐕🐶'

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