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My name's Steve Mann and I've been a professional dog trainer and behaviourist for over 30 years. As founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, I've helped transform the lives of over 100,000 dogs and their families - and now I want to help you, too!


• Comprehensive Training Guide:

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy offers a comprehensive and practical guide to puppy training, covering various aspects from basic commands to behaviour management.

• Positive Reinforcement Techniques:

The book focuses on positive reinforcement methods, which promote a nurturing and positive relationship between the owner and the puppy.

• Step-by-Step Approach:

The book's step-by-step approach makes it easy for new puppy owners to follow and implement the training techniques.

• Emphasis on Understanding Behaviour:

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy emphasises the importance of understanding a puppy's behaviour and needs, helping owners develop a deeper bond with their furry friend.

• Trusted Reputation:

Being the UK's No.1 dog training book, it has gained trust and recognition from many dog owners and professionals.


• UK-Centric Information:

As the book is based on UK practices, some training advice and resources might be more applicable to the UK audience, which may not fully align with training practices in other countries.

• Limited Breed-Specific Advice:

While the book covers general training techniques, it may lack specific advice for certain breeds or individual puppy personalities.

• Limited Troubleshooting:

Although the book covers a wide range of training topics, it may not delve deep into troubleshooting specific behavioural issues that some puppies may face.

• Individual Variation:

Every puppy is unique, and certain training techniques may not work as effectively for all dogs, requiring owners to adapt methods to suit their puppy's individual needs.

• Additional Training Resources Needed:

While the book provides an excellent foundation, some puppy owners may find it helpful to supplement their training with additional resources or professional guidance for specific challenges.

5 Star Reviews

"Steve is brilliant ... my puppy-training prophet and spiritual guide. His approach makes perfect sense." ― Adrian Chiles, The GuardianSo

"Easy to follow and it really works!" ― Lorraine Kelly

"Dog Training Genius!" ― Emilia Clarke

"Owning a dog is not easy, but training doesn't have to be hard. Steve offers lots of useful solutions that keeps training fun." ― Dogs Today

"Steve's training methods focus on positive reinforcement... it includes lots of information to help you understand training from the puppy's perspective.": ― Dogs Monthly

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