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• Protexin Pro-Fibre is a high fibre probiotic and prebiotic pellet for dogs and cats. • Containing natural sources of fibre (psyllium husk and sugar beet pulp), probiotics, and prebiotics. • Artificial beef flavouring for palatability and pet compliance. • Protexin Veterinary Pro-Fibre pellets can be added to your pet’s food to help promote efficient digestion. • When used daily, Pro-Fibre for dogs and cats can help avoid the problems associated with insufficient dietary fibre.


• Digestive Health Support:

Protexin Veterinary Pro-Fibre for Dogs is formulated to support digestive health by providing a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers that promote healthy bowel movements and regulate the gut.

• Helps Manage Constipation:

This supplement can be beneficial for dogs suffering from constipation, as the fiber content helps add bulk to the stool and aids in its passage.

• Assists with Diarrhoea:

Pro-Fibre can also help manage diarrhoea, as the fibre absorbs excess water in the intestine, resulting in firmer stools.

• Supports Gut Microflora:

The supplement contains prebiotics that support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, improving overall gut health and supporting the immune system.

•Easy to Administer:

Protexin Veterinary Pro-Fibre for Dogs is available in powder form, making it easy to sprinkle over your dog's food, ensuring a hassle-free administration.


• Gradual Introduction Required:

When starting Pro-Fibre, it's essential to introduce it gradually to your dog's diet to avoid digestive upset, especially for dogs not used to dietary changes.

• May Not Suit All Dogs:

While Pro-Fibre is beneficial for most dogs, some may experience gas or bloating when introduced to the supplement.

• Palatability:

Some dogs may find the taste or texture of the powder unappealing and might resist consuming it when added to their food.

• Not a Substitute for Veterinary Care:

While Pro-Fibre is designed to support digestive health, it is not a replacement for professional veterinary care, especially for dogs with serious underlying health conditions.

• Cost:

The cost of the supplement may be a consideration for some pet owners, especially if it needs to be used long-term.

5 Star Reviews

"Kept using it regularly and after a month or so we saw results. If we ever stop using it a few days later their stools are much looser, so better they have it every day."

"Absolutely brilliant after going to the vet's it was recommended to help my dog with his toilet problems. I started giving these pellets mixed with his food no problems with eating them worked after a week."

"I have used this for many years on 4 different dogs. It does what it is supposed to do."

"Gradually we saw a decrease in the scooting and fewer runny poos but he was still going between 3-4 times on a walk so I wasn’t entirely sure it was really working. That was until I went away for 5 days and left him in the care of my son who ‘forgot’ to add the pro fibre to his food. On my return our dog is back to scooting, straining and runny poos - clearly the Pro-Fibre was doing what it said! Would definitely recommend it for dogs with a tendency to have bunged up anal glands."

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