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• ADAPTIL Calm 30 day refill - comfort, calming & anxious dog, anti-stress, 48 ml (Pack of 1) • Contains a synthetic copy of the 'dog appeasing pheromone' which a mother naturally releases to calm and reassure her litter - It has the same effect on adult dogs - • Communicating to dogs, like dogs • SCENTLESS and Species specific - no effect on humans or other pets • Scientifically proven, studies to support all claims • Trusted - used by vets, charities and behaviourists


• Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

ADAPTIL Calm is designed to help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. It contains a synthetic copy of the natural dog-appeasing pheromone, which can have a calming effect on dogs, especially during stressful situations.

• Easy to Use:

ADAPTIL Calm comes in various forms, including diffusers, sprays, and collars, making it convenient and easy to use in different environments or situations.

• Non-Sedative:

ADAPTIL Calm does not contain any sedative ingredients, making it a safe and non-drowsy option for calming your dog during stressful events.

• Vet Recommended:

ADAPTIL Calm is often recommended by veterinarians as a helpful tool for managing stress and anxiety in dogs, especially in situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or separation anxiety.

• Long-Lasting:

Depending on the product form, the calming effects of ADAPTIL can last for several weeks, providing continuous support for your dog during challenging times.


• Individual Variability:

While ADAPTIL Calm is effective for many dogs, individual responses may vary. Some dogs may show significant improvement in their stress levels, while others may have a more limited response or may not respond at all.

• Not a Cure for Underlying Issues:

ADAPTIL Calm can help manage stress and anxiety, but it is not a cure for underlying behavioural issues. It should be used in conjunction with behaviour modification techniques and training to address the root cause of your dog's anxiety.

• Potential Dependency:

Some dogs may become reliant on ADAPTIL Calm for anxiety relief, leading to a potential psychological dependency. It's essential to use ADAPTIL as part of a comprehensive approach to behaviour management.

• Not Suitable for All Cases:

While ADAPTIL Calm is beneficial for many anxiety-related issues, it may not be effective for severe anxiety disorders or cases requiring intensive behavioural therapy or pharmaceutical interventions.

• Cost:

Depending on the product form and usage, ADAPTIL Calm can be relatively expensive, particularly for continuous, long-term use. This cost factor may be a consideration for some pet owners.

5 Star Reviews

"I bought Adaptil for our 10 year old Norfolk Terrier Ruby who had become nervous, unsettled and despondent after we very sadly had to say a final goodbye to our beloved 11 year old Labrador Poppy when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September 2021.Ruby had spent her entire life with Poppy and wouldn't settle at nights without her, howling and barking within half an hour of putting her to bed which had never been the case when Poppy was alive. She also began to sit constantly near a large window watching our drive, it was heart breaking, at times her grief seemed worse than ours.We decided to try Adaptil after a friend recommended it. We plugged it into the room she sleeps in at night and then moved it into our kitchen where she is with us throughout the day. The difference in her behaviour was instant, it was wonderful to see her calm down and sleep peacefully through the night again."

"I cannot believe how good this is. Our 3 year old Cockapoo has real problems with new visitors to the house. The barking is alarmingly loud, it makes me jump and I’m used to her. It is very unsettling for all involved. I have tried the thunder shirt, the high frequency dongle which is really mean and only in real emergencies have we used it. I plugged this in and not joking within a few hours some visitors arrived and she didn’t even bat an eye lid."

"Brenda has a serious case of Separation Anxiety, specifically with me. She would constantly HOWL & HOWL & cry whenever she couldn’t either see me, or even touch me. We could even be in the same room, but if she couldn’t physically touch me, she became acutely distressed & cry continuously. Honestly, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without her, as she would become too distressed & upset.We absolutely do try our best with behavioural training, which is vitally important & necessary always. She completely mastered house-training within about 3-4weeks; which demonstrates just how smart she is & how dedicated we are regarding good behavioural techniques.However , despite our most sincere, dedicated & consistent behavioural efforts, Brenda was still constantly anxious & oftentimes very very distressed when not able to see or touch me. I’ve had many dogs over the years & I’ve never known anything like this; it’s extremely difficult & oftentimes very upsetting for us too.So, to this calming plug-in device: please believe me when I tell you that the moment it was plugged-in, Brenda began to calm immediately, she really did. She has settled so incredibly that I’m absolutely astonished! I really truthfully am."

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