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• Efficient Pet Trimming Assistant: If your pet hates cutting nails and you don't wanna fight with you dog or cat when helping them nail trimming, this pet hammock kit could help you finish work in 10 minute. You can also easily groom your pet at home without professional help, such as grooming, bathing, eye, and ear health care, injections, checking various body indicators, etc • Premium Pet Grooming Hammock: The dog grooming hammock adopts double-layer fabric, inner fabric is high-density knitted material and outer is 3D air-mesh textile, which is wear- resistant, durable, soft and breathable. Meanwhile, the overall edge of dog grooming sling is thickened to give pets a comfortable experience • Two Install Hooks Available: What you will receive are 1 x Grooming harness, 2 x S hooks, 2 x carabiners, 2 x straps. Provide 2 types of linking hooks for you: If the situation is more urgent or the pet is relatively cooperative, you can use the S hook to quickly hang the pet; on the contrary, for added safety, you can prepare the carabiner and the attached hanging strap in advance to give the pet a stable nail trimming hammock • Easy to Use: Put your pet into the hammock according to the instructions, wrap the pet in the hammock, and then find a sturdy wooden pole or stainless steel pole and hang the dog hanging harness so that the legs of the pet cat or dog are off the ground. (It is not recommended to hang too high, pet cats and dogs will be too nervous and unable to relax) • Hammock Size Reference: Before purchasing, you need to measure the length between front and rear leg, and weight of the pet dog or cat. LARGE dog hanger for nail trimming size is approx 11.8 inches between the front and rear legs. MEDIUM cat restraint for nail clipping size is approx 10.6 inches; SMALL cat bag for nail trimming size is approx 9.8 inches. Each size can bear differ heavy weight, please choose the suitable hammock for your pet


• Comfortable Grooming Experience:

The MACUNIN Dog Grooming Hammock Grooming Kit provides a comfortable and secure grooming environment for your dog. The hammock design supports your dog's body and helps them stay relaxed during grooming sessions.

• Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

The hammock creates a calming and reassuring space for your dog, reducing stress and anxiety often associated with grooming. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that are nervous or fearful during grooming.

• Hands-Free Grooming:

The hammock design allows for hands-free grooming, freeing up your hands to focus on grooming tasks such as brushing, trimming, or nail clipping.

• Easy Access to All Areas:

The hammock positions your dog in an elevated position, providing easy access to all areas of their body for thorough grooming without straining your back.

• Adjustable and Versatile:

The MACUNIN Dog Grooming Hammock Grooming Kit is often adjustable to accommodate different dog sizes and breeds. It is a versatile tool suitable for various grooming tasks.


• Limited Mobility:

While the hammock provides security and comfort, it restricts your dog's movement during grooming. Some dogs may feel uncomfortable or resist being confined in the hammock.

• Requires Training:

Introducing your dog to the hammock may require training and patience, especially if they are not used to being elevated or restrained during grooming.

• Size Limitations:

The hammock may have size limitations, and it may not be suitable for very large dogs or those that are too active or wiggly during grooming.

• Not Suitable for All Grooming Tasks:

While the hammock is convenient for some grooming tasks, it may not be ideal for others, such as ear cleaning or certain types of trimming, which require more precise handling.

• Assembly and Storage:

Some users may find the assembly and storage of the hammock to be cumbersome or require extra space when not in use.

5 Star Reviews

"Only way I can clip my mini sausages claws!!And she is perfectly happy and comfortable just hanging while I get on with it! 😆🙌"

"If your dog hates the nails getting cut this is perfect for the jobMy Frenchie's have never been so calm when they get clipped."

"This was easy to use, just hard to keep my dog in it. Couldn’t hang him high as he kept getting out of it. But managed to give good cut."

"I have struggled to cut my cats nails since I have him. This hammock makes it so easy, and my cat seems comfy while laying in there. Definitely recommend!!"

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