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•【Grooming and Vacuuming All at Once】Our dog grooming kit with vacuum function, can collects 99% of pet hair into a vacuum container. Grooming, deshedding, trimming and vacuuming at one time.The removed loose hair will be sucked into the vacuum dust box directly when grooming pet hair, no mess, keep your home neat and clean. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily complete home grooming. •【Professional Pet Salon at Home】oneisall dog grooming vacuum make home grooming easy.It includes 7 proven grooming tools.The grooming brush and the deshedding tool gently remove loose hair and making pet hair shiny and smooth while eliminating tangles. Electric clipper,dog paw trimmer and dog nail grinder provides excellent cutting.Crevice tool and Cleaning brush for collecting pet hair left on sofas & carpets.Give your pet a comfortable grooming experience. •【Dog Clippers Used Alone & with Vacuum】Our dog clippers, paw trimmer and dog nail grinder is detachable and built with a rechargeable battery. which can be used individually, you don't need to connect hose and can trim your dog anywhere as these clippers are cordless. You also can use clipper with vacuum. Gives you the freedom to groom your pet anywhere in your home or even outside.Enjoy more time with your furry friends. •【Low Noise Design】Our pet grooming vacuum has 3 suction speeds, and works with low noise lower than 60 dB ,making your pet dogs feel relaxed and not be scared during grooming.It is recommended to start from silent mode for first time use. •【10000 Pa Powerful Suction】: oneisall pet grooming kit can collect 99% of pet hair and keep your home clean.It is powerful enough to effectively suck hair even if your pet has a thick hair. The vacuum holds quite a bit of hair and is easy to empty.Whether during grooming, cutting or combing, the hair will be sucked through the hose directly into the 1.4L big container. •【Dog Trimmer with 6 Guide Combs】For different pets, we provide you with 6 guide ombs(3/6 /9 /12 /18 /23 mm) .it's suitable for cutting different pet hair lengths. Whether your pet is a naughty long-haired cat or a thick-haired dog, you can easily give him a different hairstyle. •【1.5L Capacity Dust Cup & Easy to Store】With a detachable 1.5L dust box, 50% more capacity than others, do not need to empty frequently during grooming. The hose is extended to 1.5m,which is long enough to provide more flexibility, you can groom your pet in the yard or living room without distance limitation. Besides, we provide storage boards and bags for easy storage.


• Efficient Pet Hair Removal:

The Onesis Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit is designed to effectively remove loose pet hair from your dog's coat. The vacuum's powerful suction pulls hair from your dog's fur, reducing shedding and keeping your home cleaner.

• Reduces Allergens:

Regular use of the grooming vacuum can help reduce allergens in your home, as it captures loose hair and dander before it spreads around your living space.

• Grooming Made Easy:

This kit simplifies the grooming process, making it easier and less time-consuming for both you and your dog. The vacuum collects hair directly from your dog's coat, eliminating the need for frequent brushing and manual cleanup.

• Adjustable Suction Strength:

The vacuum usually comes with adjustable suction strength, allowing you to tailor the grooming experience to your dog's needs and comfort level.

• Multiple Attachments:

The Onesis Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit often includes various attachments to accommodate different coat lengths and textures. This versatility makes it suitable for various dog breeds.


• Noisy Operation:

Some dogs may find the sound of the vacuum intimidating or distressing, making the grooming experience stressful for them.

• Limited Battery Life:

If the grooming vacuum is cordless, it may have a limited battery life, which could be a drawback for longer grooming sessions.

• Not Suitable for All Dogs:

Some dogs may not feel comfortable with the sensation of a grooming vacuum, and it may not be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or anxiety issues.

• Requires Training:

Introducing a grooming vacuum to your dog may require training and patience to ensure they feel at ease during the grooming process.

• Not a Substitute for Regular Grooming:

While the Onesis Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit can be a helpful tool, it should not replace regular grooming practices, such as brushing and nail trimming, as these activities provide additional benefits to your dog's coat and overall health.

5 Star Reviews

"It is as described and came with a bag to keep all the different attachments in. I have two small dogs one long haired and one short haired. It was not as quiet as I thought it would be but using it for the first time on my dogs wasn't to stressful for them. I'm glad I purchased it have already told family members they are welcome to use it if they need to."

"I had this for my french bulldog and my jug fur babies because they shed a lot but when I got this product is amazing how much fur it picks up of them you will be surprised how much there is because I was and they love it."

"This has got to be one of the best things I have ever purchased I'm so impressed with it."

"If anyone out the needs away grooming their dog this is the best way quickly clean perfect for curly coats."

"This thing is amazing! I bought it for multiple purposes and it has full filled the all. Not only has it worked on my German shedder and my Frenchie to get all the shedding undercoat out and not on me as I've brushed them but I worked on my kid too. I used the shaving attachment on my sons hair to try and eliminate the mess of the hair cut. He likes his hair buzzed and it usually ends up all over me him and the floor. It really helped with the amount of hair everywhere that comes when I give him his every other month hair cut! Fully recommend buy this product. My only down side to it is how small the canister is. Other than that it's one of my favourite purchases."

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