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• ULTRA BOUNCE BALL: The Chuckit Ultra Ball offers high bounce, buoyancy, visibility, and durability; This dog toy can be used in the water and is designed specifically for the game of fetch; Compatible with Chuckit Launchers • NATURAL AND DURABLE: Featuring an extra-thick natural rubber core, these tough dog toys are durable for long-term use • HIGH-VISIBILITY COLORS: The orange and blue design means pets and pet parents can easily spot the bright ball during outdoor play • EASY TO CLEAN: Dog ball toy's smooth, rubber surface resists mess and allows pet parents to easily wash off dirt or slobber • GO FETCH: Chuckit Performance toys are designed with you and your dog in mind. Try our full range of interactive indoor and outdoor dog toys including tumblers, flyers, fetch toys, chew toys and more


• Durable Construction:

The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball is made from durable rubber material, making it resistant to wear and tear, even with heavy chewing and play.

• Bouncy and Fun:

The ball's design allows for high bounce, making it a fun and engaging toy for dogs who love to chase and fetch.

• Floats in Water:

The buoyant design of the Ultra Ball makes it perfect for water play, making it easy to spot and retrieve in lakes or pools.

• Easy to Clean:

The smooth surface of the ball makes it easy to clean with soap and water, ensuring it stays hygienic after outdoor play.

• Various Sizes:

The Ultra Ball is available in different sizes, making it suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.


• Not Indestructible:

While the Ultra Ball is durable, it may not be completely indestructible, and some determined chewers may eventually damage the ball.

• May Become Slobbery:

The ball's smooth surface can become slobbery during play, which some pet owners may find less appealing.

• Hard Texture:

The firm rubber texture may be too hard for some dogs, especially those with sensitive teeth or gums.

• Potential for Lost Balls:

Due to the Ultra Ball's high bounce and buoyancy, there is a possibility of losing the ball during intense play or water fetch.

• Loud Bouncing Noise:

The hard rubber material may produce loud bouncing noises on hard surfaces, which could be distracting or bothersome in certain environments.

5 Star Review

"Bought these after a bag of tennis balls was chewed to pieces one by one by our greyhounds. These however seem to last an age and don’t even show signs of attempted destruction! We don’t leave them out to be chewed but there have been attempts and so far so good. The colours also make them easy to see if they end up in a flower bed."

"The balls have plenty of bounce , are very resilient to biting and are well made.The balls are bouncy , very resilient to biting and long lasting."

"Or Golden-Doodle loves this ball! He loves to play fetch but also just to lay down and chew on it. It's the best one we have tried, and it doesn't break!"

"These balls are probably the most popular balls on the dog park, they all love them, solid enough to bounce very well and be hard to destroy but I guess there is a hollow bit in the middle as they have a little give so can be chewed a little, which keeps the dogs interested. The solid rubber balls you can get you could say all that about but not the chewable part and my dog loses interest. Yes they cost a little more but they do love them."

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