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• WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 small (35g), tough, & 100% waterproof GPS DOG 4 tracker for dogs above 4 kg, Fits collar widths up to 2.8cm, Battery life 3-10 days • SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED: To cover service costs for the tracker's built-in SIM card, From £4.50/month (monthly, 1, 2 or 5 year prepaid plans), Try risk-free with 30 day money-back guarantee • FOLLOW EVERY STEP: Enjoy live GPS tracking with unlimited range worldwide, Discover your pet's location history • SET SAFE ZONES: Get alerts if your dog wanders too far with Virtual Fences • MONITOR ACTIVITY & SLEEP: Set fitness goals, Track wellness, Compare with dogs like yours, Spot sleep patterns, Detect issues early • BATTERY LIFE: Depends on usage, network quality and how active your dog is (3-10 days), Maximise battery life by setting up Power Saving Zones


• Real-Time Tracking:

The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker provides real-time tracking, allowing pet owners to monitor their dog's location accurately and instantly.

• User-Friendly App:

The accompanying app is easy to use and navigate, making it convenient for pet owners to access tracking information and set up geofence alerts.

• Geofence Feature:

The device offers a geofence feature that sends alerts to the owner if the dog leaves a predefined safe zone, ensuring the pet's safety.

• Durable and Waterproof:

The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is designed to be durable and waterproof, making it suitable for various outdoor activities and weather conditions.

• Reliable Customer Support:

Tractive's customer support is known for being responsive and helpful, providing assistance when needed.


• Subscription Required:

The device requires a subscription plan to access real-time tracking and other premium features, which may add ongoing costs for pet owners.

• Limited Battery Life:

The battery life of the tracker may vary based on usage and settings, requiring regular recharging to ensure continuous tracking.

• Limited Coverage:

The effectiveness of the tracker may depend on the availability of cellular coverage in the area, which can be a limitation in remote or rural regions.

• Device Size:

Some pet owners may find the size of the tracker a bit bulky for smaller dogs, which could affect their comfort when wearing the device.

• Initial Setup:

While the app is user-friendly, the initial setup process may require some technical knowledge, and some users may find it slightly challenging.

5 Star Reviews

"This works really well , very happy user."

"We bought 2 trackers, one for each dog we have. They are fairly accurate & match up when looking at historical data recorded by the devices. There are occasional discrepencies when one dog goes off track under trees or into a building, but these are very minor and is quickly picked up when back in view for the satellite. The live function is very useful, particularly when off lead and they disappear in search of birds in thick undergrowth. We went on holiday leaving the dogs with friends, and we could see where they were being walked at any time. The collar devices are hard wearing and have withstood numerous tough play fights. Battery life - as with all rechargeable batteries, let them run low before charging aand they last a long time - about 3-4 days. If you set up a secure zone in your home by connecting the tracker to your wifi, then the power saving is triggered and battery life can be extended to the best part of a week."

"This is a cracking little bit of tech. We live in the country and and we cannot fully secure our garden. There are livestock farmers locally, so it is essential that if our dog escapes we know where he is so we can call him back.He also is a three legged rescue dog, so if he does get lost and hurts himself, he probably will not be able to get back to us.Despite all our best efforts, and we really are very careful, he has a number of times disappeared into the forest behind us. Each time, we have been able to track where he was, intercept him if necessary, and we knew in what direction to call in order to recall him.You need a subscription plan to cover the tracking element as well as the product, but it is well worth it for any responsible dog owner with a Houdini dog."

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