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• EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE - Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odour Remover is three times stronger than our regular stain and odour remover, eliminating the toughest dog and cat messes faster • ERASE ODOURS AND STAINS - Discourage repeat marking with our professional-strength Pro-Bacteria and enzyme formula, which breaks down and eliminates stains and odours • STRONG AND SAFE ON SURFACES - Removes cat stains and odours such as urine, faeces, and vomit from carpet, upholstery, bedding, fabric toys, clothing, and other water-safe surfaces in your home • TOUGH ON STAINS, NOT ON YOUR FAMILY - Safe around your children and pets when used as directed • NEW PATENTED MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SPRAYER - Now designed with a new patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer (foam, mist, and stream).


• Effective Stain and Odour Removal:

Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odour Remover is designed to efficiently remove tough stains and stubborn odors caused by pets. Its powerful formula tackles a wide range of stains, including urine, faeces, vomit, and more.

• Enzymatic Action:

This stain and odour remover utilises enzymatic action to break down and eliminate the source of the odour. It doesn't just mask the smell but effectively neutralises it, preventing pets from revisiting the same spot.

• Safe for Various Surfaces:

The formula is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, and more. It won't damage or discolour the treated area when used as directed.

• Easy Application:

Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odour Remover typically comes in a spray bottle, making it easy to apply directly to the stained area. The convenient spray nozzle allows for precise application without any mess.

• Pet-Friendly:

The product is formulated to be safe for pets and their environment. It does not contain harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients, making it a pet-friendly option for households with furry friends.


• Scent Sensitivity:

Some users may find the fragrance of the product to be too strong or overwhelming. While it helps mask the odour, individuals with scent sensitivities may prefer an unscented version.

• Residue Buildup:

If not thoroughly rinsed or blotted, the residue from the product may attract dirt or grime over time, potentially leading to a buildup in the treated area.

• Multiple Applications:

In some cases, particularly with old or deep-set stains, multiple applications may be necessary to completely remove the odour and stain. This may require additional product usage.

• Potential Discolouration:

While the product is generally safe for most surfaces, some sensitive materials may experience slight discolouration or fading with repeated use. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area first.

• Not a Substitute for Proper Training:

While Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odour Remover effectively neutralises odours, it is not a substitute for proper pet training. Addressing the root cause of accidents is essential to prevent future incidents.

5 Star Reviews

"Love this stuff, have used it for years to clean up after cats and dogs, has seen me through house training puppies and fab for cleaning up and removing lingering smells of vomming Cats."

"This is a really good product for stain removal not so good on removing smells but better than a lot of other products. I do use this all the time though as its the best I have found by far. It does beat other products I have used hands down."

"Just bought a leather sofa for man cave. Didn’t spend a lot on it , but to my surprise when I got it home it really had the most disgusting odour. Bought this spray and now it smells amazing."

"We had a very odorous rug from the puppy peeing on it. As it cost so much, I didn't want to replace it. We tried everything until this product and nothing worked. This worked overnight and left a coconut smell instead of the odour. It smells clean now."

"Smells nice, gets rid of the smell of dog urine."

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