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•【HIGH QUALITY SEAT BELT】 The Made of high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, features the solid zinc alloy swivel snap and quality buckles, Petzana dog seat belt for car ensures the safety of your dog while travelling, and provides a relaxing driving experience for you. •【ADJUSTABLE LENGTH】 Dogs come in different sizes and weights. PETZANA Dog seat belt t is adjustable between 53-74 cm, you can easily adjust the dog seat belt to the suitable length to keep your dog safe in the car. •【CONVENIENT】 The high quality metal buckle makes it easy and quick to attach to the dog Harness or release. The solid zinc alloy swivel snap supports 360° rotation with no tangle. •【ELASTIC BUFFER DESIGN】 With elastic buffer design, PETZANA dog seat belt can protect dogs from sudden brake or sharp turns, preventing driver from distracted driving.


• Safety:

A dog seat belt provides an added layer of safety for your dog during car rides, preventing them from moving around the vehicle and potentially getting injured in case of sudden stops or accidents.

• Minimises Distractions:

Restraining your dog with a seat belt can reduce distractions for the driver, ensuring a safer and more focused driving experience.

• Comfortable Movement:

Many dog seat belts are adjustable, allowing your dog to move around comfortably while still being securely restrained.

• Versatility:

Dog seat belts are compatible with various types of harnesses, making them suitable for dogs of different sizes and breeds.

• Easy to Use:

Installing and using a dog seat belt is typically straightforward, with most designs featuring a simple clip or buckle attachment.


• May Require Training:

Some dogs may initially resist wearing a seat belt and may need some training and positive reinforcement to get used to it.

• Limited Space:

While a dog seat belt keeps your dog secure, it may limit their movement and ability to stand or lie down comfortably during longer car rides.

• May Not Fit All Cars:

Depending on your car's design and seat belt configuration, some dog seat belts may not fit or work as effectively in certain vehicles.

• Not Crash-Tested:

Not all dog seat belts are crash-tested, meaning they may not offer the same level of protection as specialized dog car harnesses that undergo rigorous safety testing.

• Can Be Escaped:

In some cases, determined or clever dogs may figure out how to unlatch or slip out of the seat belt, reducing its effectiveness.

5 Star Reviews

"Well who knew ya dog could have its on seatbelt. Handy very useful just leave in car n on ya go amazing."

"My American cocker spaniel bit through 2 seat belts but is unable to destroy this one."

"Our dog tends to pace up and down the back seat when in the car. He's a very anxious dog, this offers him security and keeps him from trying to get to the front of the car, keeping everyone safe."

"Excellent product for keeping my dog safe and belted to a seat belt."

"Does the job as anchor for medium sized dog. Comfortable to attach for dog and easy to release. Would recommend for car safety and support for back seat dogs."

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