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Customise A Unique Engraving ID Tag for Your Pet. Made of Strong and Durable Stainless Steel. Will not rust or get bent easily Available in 2 shapes (round and bone) and 2 sizes (small and large). Each shape comes in 4 colours (black, silver, gold, champagne gold ). Nice engraving effect. Comes with a ring. Suits for both dogs and cats. For the shape of bone - 5 designs along with a blank design for you yo choose from The shape of bone suits for all kinds of dogs. You can choose your favourite design, suitable size and colour. For the shape of round - 6 designs along with a blank design for you yo choose from The shape of round suits for dogs, cats and other pets. Just leave us your personalised information, and wait for your unique pet id tag.


• Identification and Safety:

The ID Tag Personalised Engraved Dog ID Tag provides a reliable means of identifying your dog in case they get lost. It typically includes essential information such as your dog's name, your contact information, and sometimes additional details like medical needs. This can greatly increase the chances of a lost dog being reunited with its owner, ensuring their safety.

• Customisable and Personalised:

These ID tags are engraved with personalised information specific to your dog. You can choose the font, design, and layout, allowing you to create a unique tag that reflects your dog's personality or matches their collar or accessories.

• Durable and Long-lasting:

The materials used for these ID tags are often durable and resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand everyday use and exposure to various weather conditions, ensuring that the tag remains legible and intact for an extended period.

• Ease of Attachment:

Most ID Tag Personalised Engraved Dog ID Tags come with a secure attachment mechanism, such as a split ring or S-hook, making it easy to attach the tag to your dog's collar. This ensures that the tag stays in place and does not easily detach during regular activities.

• Quick and Easy Identification:

The engraved information on the tag is typically clear and easy to read, allowing others to quickly identify your dog and contact you in case of an emergency or if your dog is found.


• Limited Information:

Due to the limited space available on the ID tag, you may need to prioritise and include only essential information, such as your dog's name and one or two contact numbers. It may not be possible to include comprehensive information, such as multiple phone numbers or lengthy addresses.

• Updating Information:

If any of the information on the tag changes, such as your contact number or address, you will need to replace the entire ID tag or have it re-engraved. This can be an inconvenience and an additional cost.

• Risk of Fading or Scratching:

Over time, the engraved information on the tag may fade or become less legible due to regular wear and tear. Scratches or scuffs may also occur, potentially affecting the readability of the tag.

• Noise and Tag Size:

Depending on the design and material, the ID tag may create noise when your dog moves or walks, which could be bothersome to some owners. Additionally, the size and weight of the tag may not be suitable for smaller or more sensitive dogs.

• Tag Maintenance:

While the ID tag is generally durable, it may require occasional cleaning to remove dirt or debris that could accumulate over time. Neglecting proper maintenance could impact the legibility and overall appearance of the tag.

5 Star Reviews

"I ordered this tag and but got it engraved with details of my choice and it arrived in just 3 days (super fast). I didn't use it as a dog tag, but instead used it to put onto my house keys - so if I ever loose them, the tag gives the finder information to get them back to me. (See photos - I've partially hidden my details for the photo ). I put on my email address and a mobile number. I've attached them to my keys."

"This is the second dog tag I have purchased, unfortunately the first one got lost, as someone connected the lead to the tag instead of the collar, and as the dog pulled the tag must have came off.The writing is great, very clear to read, they are sturdy and value for money.I would purchase again maybe a different style. Would recommend."

"Happy about my cat collar, nice inscription of the name and telephone number and it looks very elegant on my cat. Happy about the price too."

"I chose this for our puppy. He is chipped but thought it would be helpful if he ‘escaped’ and found there wouldn’t be a need to get the chip read. I have puppy name on 1 side and contact numbers on the reverse. Very stylish, excellent quality and does not bother puppy. Well packaged and arrived on time."

"Letters are clearly readable even though there’s a text on there! Thought it was a bit heavy at 1st but our cat doesn’t seem to mind at all, sturdy and cute!"

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