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• COMPATIBILITY WITH DIFFERENT VEHICLES- The dog back seat cover protects your car from scratches, hair or mud. 137*147cm is suitable for most of the backseats of standard cars. • THE MESH VISUAL WINDOW- The dog seat cover with mesh breath window is great for the air to flow into the back to keep your pup cool. The Visual window helps to reduce pup’s anxiety when they see you through it. Convenient for you and your pet to check each other at any time • SCRATCH PROOF NON-SLIP– Just Pet Zone dog seat has waterproof coating for maximum protection plus nonslip EVA material to prevent your pet from sliding. • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN– This dog car seat covers can be easily installed or removed with the seat anchors and the adjustable snap buckles. There is seat belt opening to keep your dog secure (SEAT BELTS ARE NOT INCLUDED). You can hand wash the pet car hammock in flowing water or wipe with a damp cloth, Vacuum cleaner and washing machine.


• Protection for Car Seats:

The Just Pet Zone Dog Car Seat Cover provides a protective barrier for your car seats, preventing them from getting dirty, scratched, or damaged by your dog's paws, fur, or accidents. It helps maintain the cleanliness and condition of your vehicle's interior.

• Waterproof and Easy to Clean:

This car seat cover is typically made with waterproof materials, making it resistant to spills, accidents, and other messes. Cleaning is convenient, as you can simply wipe it down or remove it for machine washing, ensuring a hygienic and fresh environment for both you and your dog.

• Universal Fit:

Just Pet Zone Dog Car Seat Covers are designed to have a universal fit, suitable for most standard car seats. This versatility allows you to use it in different vehicles without the need for specific measurements or adjustments.

• Easy Installation:

Installing the car seat cover is generally straightforward and hassle-free. It usually comes with adjustable straps, buckles, and Velcro closures that securely hold it in place, providing a stable and comfortable seating area for your dog.

• Comfortable and Safe for Dogs:

The car seat cover often features a soft and padded surface, offering comfort for your dog during car rides. Additionally, it provides a non-slip grip, preventing your dog from sliding or slipping around while the vehicle is in motion, ensuring their safety and well-being.


• Limited Compatibility with Certain Vehicles:

While the Just Pet Zone Dog Car Seat Cover aims for a universal fit, it may not be compatible with every type of car seat or vehicle model. Some car seat designs or specific vehicle configurations may pose challenges in achieving a perfect fit.

• Size Limitations:

Depending on the size and dimensions of your dog, the available size options of the car seat cover may not adequately accommodate larger or extra-large dogs. It's important to ensure that the seat cover provides enough space for your dog to sit or lie comfortably.

• Heat Retention:

In warmer climates or during hot weather, the car seat cover may retain heat, which can potentially make your dog feel uncomfortable. It's essential to monitor your dog's temperature and provide proper ventilation or cooling measures, if necessary.

• Limited Colour and Design Options:

Just Pet Zone Dog Car Seat Covers may have limited color and design choices compared to other brands. If you have specific aesthetic preferences, you may find the available options to be limited.

• Difficulty in Cleaning Certain Designs:

While the car seat cover is generally easy to clean, some specific designs or materials may require extra effort or specific cleaning instructions. It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of the seat cover.

5 Star Reviews

"This has been fitted to the back of my car (Mitsubishi Outlander) since it arrived. Easy to fit and saves my leather seats from muddy feet. One factor that is important is the small hole that allows you to secure your dog to the middle seatbelt socket (you will need to buy a separate dog seatbelt lead)."

"I’ve had a much smaller hammock before this one that I loved. But it did move above a bit as the dog jumped in and out of the car. This is bigger more features and still easy to throw in the washer. Great product, so glad I bought it."

"We researched for a while to get the best rear car seat cover for our dog, that was hard wearing and a good price. This one is brilliant, well made and so far does a good job of keeping our car clean and a happy dog on a comfortable back seat. I would recommend 😃"

"I’ve had a much smaller hammock before this one that I loved. But it did move above a bit as the dog jumped in and out of the car. This is bigger more features and still easy to throw in the washer. Great product, so glad I bought it."

"A great way to take your dog out, it allows your pet to spread out in comfort, it is easy to fit, the only problem is the zips are on the inside which makes it difficult to do up."

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