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• All-in-One Creative Solution: The HERO11 Black Creator Edition combines HERO11 Black, the best GoPro camera ever made, with the mounts and accessories you need to tell your story right out of the box. It includes Volta (Battery Grip / Tripod / Remote), Media Mod and Light Mod that seamlessly come together in a powerful creative solution that delivers stunning pro-quality footage and capture versatility in an ultra portable design that’s light enough to comfortably carry through an all-day production. • Revolutionary New Image Sensor: expansive field of view ever on a HERO camera out of the box. This gives you an extra-large canvas for your creativity by capturing more of the sky and horizon in every shot. Zoom in, crop your shots, change digital lenses, adjust aspect ratios and more while keeping the rich textures and sharpness of your footage. • Unbelievable Image Quality: With 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than 4K and an incredible 665% more than 1080p, HERO11 Black captures the action with crisp detail and cinematic image quality. A water- repelling lens cover even helps eliminate lens flare and other artifacts to make your photos and videos even more stunning. • High-Res Photos + Videos, High Frame Rate: HERO11 Black’s new image sensor boosts photo resolution up to an incredible 27MP while delivering 5.3K60 video with amazingly fluid motion that you can use to grab stunning 24.7MP stills of your favorite shots. Plus, record 2.7K240 video that can be played back in 8x slo-mo to catch details that can’t be seen at normal speed. • What's Included: HERO11 Black, Carrying Case, Enduro Battery, Curved Adhesive Mount, Mounting Buckle + Thumb Screw, USB-C Cable, Volta, USB-C Pass-Through Door, Lanyard, Media Mod, Vertical Mounting Buckle, Light Mod, Light Diffuser, 2-Finger Adapter


• High-Quality Video:

The GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition offers impressive 5.3K video resolution, providing stunningly clear and detailed footage for professional-grade content creation.

• Advanced Image Stabilisation:

The improved HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilisation ensures smooth and steady video, even in challenging conditions or during fast-paced action.

• Intuitive Touchscreen Interface:

The camera's touchscreen interface is user-friendly and makes navigating settings and modes quick and effortless.

• TimeWarp 4.0:

The new TimeWarp feature adds creativity to videos by creating dynamic and engaging time-lapse sequences.

• High-Resolution Photos:

The camera captures 23MP photos, resulting in sharp and vibrant images suitable for both photography and videography.

• Creator Edition Bundle:

The Creator Edition bundle includes essential accessories like the media mod and tripod, enhancing the camera's versatility and adaptability for various shooting situations.


• Premium Price:

The GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition is on the higher end of the price spectrum, making it a significant investment for content creators on a budget.

• Steeper Learning Curve:

While the camera offers a wealth of features and settings, mastering all its functionalities may require some time and experimentation.

• Limited Battery Life:

The high-resolution recording and advanced features can consume battery quickly, potentially requiring frequent recharging during extended shooting sessions.

• Heavier Design:

Compared to some other action cameras, the GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition's weight might be noticeable during extended use or when mounted on certain accessories.

• No Front-Facing Screen:

The camera lacks a front-facing screen, which could be a drawback for vloggers or creators who prefer to see themselves while recording.

• Media Mod Required for Certain Features:

Some advanced features may require the use of the media mod accessory, which adds to the overall cost of the setup.

5 Star Reviews

"As soon as taken, it arrived in a very short time and is exceptional as a kit with its tripod that also acts as an additional battery! Great for Vlogs."

"It's the fourth GoPro I buy on Amazon and I must say it's perfect!!! Super fast and safe delivery!!!"

"For fans who want to be recreational."

"Imagine quality: 10/10Versatility: 10/10!"

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