Hello you lovely Pet Parent you 😀

Andy, Darren and our Dawgs

Bounce and Bella was created by childhood friends Darren Clunie (me) and Andy Irvine.

As kids in rural Lancashire we spent much of our time playing footie, and our dogs were just hairy siblings that were wonderfully hilarious and unpredictable parts of the team.

There was no xbox, no internet – just football, dawgs and some mighty fine nettle-whacking sticks.

Very simply, that is what Bounce and Bella is all about, dogs are part of the team.

A much loved member of the family.

Like you, we want the very best for our dogs – for them to grow up happy and healthy like the rest of the kids.

So far so familiar but this is why Bounce and Bella is different...

Why we do what we do

Many years ago my partner Gill and I had a gorgeous Belgian Shepherd called Sorrel.

Like many dogs as she got older she struggled with itching and digestion issues.

We could never work out the problem.

Belly like a beach ball!

Fast forward to just a few years ago when  Andy and I created Bounce and Bella.

We had no idea what kind of industry we were falling into.

Initially we just followed the crowd, did it their way - the same kind of treats with the same ingredients.

Then one night after just a few (honestly) beers I woke up in the middle of the night with a belly like a beach ball!

Grain Rebellion

Suddenly my body had rebelled against grain.

I was experiencing first hand the digestive pain grain could bring.

I can avoid grain, but dogs can't - and Sorrel couldn't.
Grain in its various forms is the main filler in most big brand treats and food.

Its presence is hidden away on the back of the pack and we're seduced by the weasel words on the front of the bag...

While unknowingly causing digestive and itching problems for our gorgeous dogs!

Guilt, anger and a determination...

It was guilt, anger and a determination to help stop big brands making massive profits at our dog's health that set us on this journey.

A mission to get rid of the nasties such as grain and derivatives in our dogs' treats and food.

We're clear, honest and up front about the ingredients we use - so that pet parents like you and I can make truly informed decisions about what we are feeding our dogs.

If you want to join us on our mission we have a 50% offer on treats so you can grab a few things for your dog to try at an awesome price.

And all backed by our lovely Sniff and Love Guarantee.

Pop along to find out more...  https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk?sca_ref=3889302.Uhrhws6osD

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